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Architecture & Construction Services. CV. Soma Lentera Oetama is a specialized contractor service in Bali, established as a professional and trusted Bali Contractor company to work on numerous building projects. Our projects range from works on architectural or interior design drawings done by proficient architects and interior designers, to providing builders with technical workers with special expertise in home repair or skill on work of design.

Our varieties of professional services include architectural services, engineering services, the drafting of construction documents services, building and site inspection services, as well as surveying and mapping services, and other similar qualified construction services.

What We Do


Land Services

Buying land in Bali for your business and investment could be a daunting task.



Our experienced architects can create a personalized design based on your criteria.


Architecture Design

Our skillful team of construction specialists strive to build your new villa to the ultimate point of international standards.



We could implement the internal drawing design, the complete vision of your future property, into the interior construction.

Our Projects

In accordance with local wisdom of the Balinese: Tri Hita Karana (The three causes of prosperity), our Bali villa contractor builds in harmony with nature and culture.

Our team of expert Bali contractor work on various construction projects, such as: residence, villa building and renovation, interior design, and project presentation.

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